Congratulations Chris & Johnny

The season of Christmas is one of my favourite parts of the year. Last weekend the Christmas tree got decorated and new Christmas lights have been purchased. The colours of light blue and silver feature heavily in the decorations throughout the house. Discussions are already taking place about the menu and the quality of ham closely monitored in the supermarkets. Netflix has a swag of Christmas movies and I can’t wait to find the time to watch them. Inevitably, trying to cater for coming together as a family is proving difficult again as competing demands of time and place is encountered with the extended families.

In the midst of all this we are close to the 1st day in December and that means 25 days to Christmas. At Cardijn this means Alternative Week for the middle school, End of Year Mass and Awards Night, House day, staff professional development days and the anticipated date for the Year 12 results released on the 17th of December.

This weekend at the Marist Schools Australia Mass and Celebratory Dinner at Marcellin College Bulleen in Melbourne, two long standing staff members of Cardijn will be recognised for their outstanding leadership and service.

Chris Burrows is recognised for his outstanding contribution to Marist Education in his work as the Assistant Principal Cardijn College – Marcellin Campus. Chris was given the responsibility to transition Marcellin Technical College to a campus of Cardijn College over the last four years. His leadership of the staff, students and families has been exemplary with Marcellin Campus thriving today as a place of choice for young people in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. He has focussed on developing the Marist characteristics as living actions that are now part of the fabric and life of the school. We congratulate Chris on his fine achievements.

Johnny Ioannou is recognised for his outstanding contribution to Marist education in his work as the Business Manager of Cardijn College for 15 years. Johnny was given the responsibility to lead the transition of Marcellin Technical College to a campus of Cardijn College by preparing a business case for a successful merger. His leadership in the area of finance, infrastructure and resources has been exemplary with Marcellin Campus today thriving in all areas. Johnny is commended for his outstanding personal attributes and leadership which are grounded in the Marist characteristics witnessed through his presence, simplicity and deep belief in family values. He exemplifies humility and modesty through his work and his interactions with staff and families. We congratulate Johnny on his fine work and the amazing developments that are happening across Cardijn and Marcellin.

Staff have recently been appointed to new positions. I am delighted to announce that Ms Eleni Takianos has been appointed as Mitchell House Leader and Mr Sean Lang as Lombard House Leader. Both Eleni and Sean will begin their roles in 2020 and we wish them well as they undertake these important responsibilities. We are extremely grateful for the work that both Jessica Sweeny and Debbie Williams have done in their time as House Leaders and the contribution they have made to our College.

We congratulate Debbie Williams who will move into an administration leadership role as Daily Organiser at the Cardijn Campus. Due to Ms Eleni Takianos’ House Leader appointment, Ms Caroline Cieniala has been appointed as the Acting English & Literacy Curriculum Leader. Caroline joins us from St. Augustine’s College in Cairns and has extensive experience as a Leader of Learning, Curriculum Leader and Year Level Coordinator. Due to Mr Sean Lang’s House Leader appointment, Nadia Porter will continue acting in the role of Year 8/9 Year Level Leader and we thank Nadia for her fantastic contributions to our middle years students.

Further to this, with Ms Emma Knight leaving the College to take on her new appointment as Head of Basketball at SEDA College, we have appointed Mr Anthony Martin into the role of Sports Coordinator. Anthony has been the Sports Coordinator at St. Joseph’s Memorial School at Norwood and we look forward to welcoming Anthony to our community. We also pass on our sincere gratitude to Emma for all of her contributions to the development of Sport.

Our new curriculum leader for Mathematics and Innovation is Mr Jarrad Strain who joins us from Perth Modern School. Mr Strain is a leader in this field and we look forward to his expertise working in Mathematics and Futures Thinking.

We welcome Mr Matt Kempson as our Pathways Coordinator in 2020, Matt joins us again after his 10 year stint at Marcellin. Congratulations to Ms Susan Watt who has been appointed to a leadership position as Careers Coordinator. This is not new to Susan who now steps up into this leadership role. We still have a number of other roles to fill before the end of the year.

My blog post next week will be dedicated to those outstanding staff who will be leaving Cardijn at the end of this year.

Dr Paul Rijken is principal of Cardijn College, an R-12 co-educational Catholic school in the Marist tradition, deeply inspired by the method of College patron Joseph Cardijn with a foundation built on the three pillars of his teachings; to See, Judge and Act. Educating and inspiring students in the beautiful Southern Vales region of Adelaide since 1984, Cardijn has grown to encompass three schools, each with distinct offerings. Cardijn College Galilee at Aldinga offers Reception to Year 7, expanding to include Year 8 in 2022 and Year 9 in 2023. Cardijn College at Noarlunga Downs offers Years 7-12 and is renowned for academic excellence and a vibrant extra-curricular program. Cardijn College Marcellin at Christie Downs provides a wide variety of vocational education and training opportunities for students in Years 10 – 12 and beyond, with relationships that extend well into their careers. With a current enrolment of 1750 students and 240 staff, Cardijn College is an institution which strives to be a beacon of faith in the community, with students who have enormous influence and impact on both a local and global level. Paul has been the principal at Cardijn College since 2005. He has a Ph.D. from Curtin University in Science and Mathematics Education. He is a Fellow of the Australian College of Educational Leaders.

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