Supporting your child through subject selection

Subject selection and deciding on a career pathway when I was in high school was not easy. I don’t remember if I was very clear about what the future may bring. I remember looking through all types of information about going to University because my parents who worked hard to send me to a Catholic school always said that ‘education was the key to success’, and that I will do better than they did because they didn’t have an education. I think I changed my mind on numerous occasions before settling on teaching. I think the decision to become a teacher was more by luck than design. I think someone said in passing that they thought I would be a good teacher because I could explain ‘stuff’. So here I am over 30 years later!

While the information available to our children about pathways is immense and rich, the decision is still, I believe, just as hard today as it was when I completed high school. I have an older daughter who is close to completing her Nursing degree. Her decision to take this path came as a total surprise for me as it didn’t seem to match the subjects that she had chosen at Year 12. So I clearly missed something. What I missed was the recognition that she just loves to care for and help others, qualities that are essential if you work in a care environment. My younger daughter is in Year 11 and while she has some ideas about what she may want to do, she still really hasn’t settled on anything in particular. Maybe I just need to sit and listen and look for those qualities and strengths that make her the person she is and with gentle encouragement let her find her pathway.

Our senior students are presently choosing their subjects for next year. Yes, it is important to select subjects that support one’s pathway but I am a strong believer in selecting subjects that you love and enjoy and let the pathway determine itself. My advice is to listen and provide ideas and guide the students to look into and explore the many options that exist. Tap into the resources that exist both at the College and the wider community. If your child has a particular pathway in mind, try to talk to people in that area of work and if possible spend time in that work environment. I wish all our students well over the next term as they endeavour to find that pathway.

I would like to finish by congratulating our Year 12 Drama class on their wonderful performance of ‘The Death and Life of Larry Benson’, a truly remarkable play! Everything from front-of-house, set design, lighting and sound and clearly the performances of the students were outstanding. It was a production of the highest quality and I take this moment to acknowledge Mr Brady Lloyd who directed the play and is our Year 12 Drama teacher. Brady has invested an enormous amount of time and energy into this play and I know that the students greatly appreciate his guidance and support over the last few weeks. Congratulations!

Subject selection resources

2019 senior school curriculum handbook

2019 subject selection information video

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