Welcome to Term 3

Welcome back to an exciting and busy Term 3.

Term 3 is that “light at the end of the tunnel term”. Believe it or not, we are already planning for 2019 and our most senior students, our Year 12s are planning to complete their secondary education.

The Year 12 Research Project results have now been released, and again our Year 12 students have achieved at the highest standard. The Research Project is a compulsory requirement of the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). It is different from the other subjects as it has no specific content and the student must come up with their own question to research. For many students the Research Project offers a particular challenge as the onus is on the student to develop a question, research information and then reflect on their outcome. A teacher of the Research Project must be a skilled facilitator who directs and supports the student with their research.

As I have indicated the results have been outstanding. The SACE uses a 15 point scale (A+ – E-) and students must achieve a minimum grade of a C- to pass the subject. No Cardijn student achieved less than a C grade – they all passed. This is something that we expect at Cardijn College. We also expect that given the right conditions, our students will excel.

We achieved nearly twice the state average of A+ grades with over 42% of our students achieving in the A band (A+, A, A-) and over 83% of the students achieving a B- or higher. These results are a credit to the students. They have worked hard and persevered. The teachers of the Research Project need to be congratulated along with the students. They have worked tirelessly with their support and mentoring.

This week we will also acknowledge our academic award winners for Semester 1. It has indeed been a pleasure to sign so many certificates that will be presented at the Academic Assembly this week. These students have excelled academically and their endeavours cannot be questioned. They have strived for excellence in all they do and it comes as no surprise that their endeavour grades match their achievement grades.

Twenty four students will receive Curriculum Merit awards. To achieve a Curriculum Merit, a student must receive straight A grades for achievement and endeavour in all their subjects. Truly a remarkable achievement.

Michael Wilcock
Acting Principal (Term 3)

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